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8.1% ABV | 75 IBU

This hoppy Imperial Red is well-balanced with malt, hops and alcohol. Nicely battered with a fresh hop aroma of floral, citrus and tropical fruit notes.

Many legends have been passed down by native clans telling of the sacred protector of the Great Lakes known as the Thunderbird. This enormous bird-like create is said to be the creator, destroyer and the controller of nature, as well as the guardian of the separation between the earthly waters and the heavens. When trouble abounds the Thunderbird brews a storm with lightning jetting out of its eyes and deafening cracks of thunder coming from the flap of its mighty wings.

GRAINS: Pale Malt, Wheat Malt, Crystal 190 & Debittered Black Malt
HOPS: Chinook, Citra, Columbus & Simcoe