Double Diabolical Web Can.png

Double Diabolical


8.2% ABV | 88 IBU

When creating Diabolical we made a devilishly hoppy IPA. With this beer we’ve taken it up a notch. That same great unfiltered IPA, just a little more fiendish… more malt, more hops, more alcohol, ergo the name Double Diabolical.

Like many folklore tales, recent stories of the jackalope have become more grandiose than in the days past. Sightings of the Northern Michigan creature continue to magnify. Some legends now say that the mythical animal has become more elusive and may no longer be lured by a pint of Diabolical. His palate prefers that of a headier, higher-octane brew, some even say he now prefers double. Increase the hops and boost the alcohol and you’ll better your chances of potting a jackalope… you might even get lucky enough to see two.

GRAINS: Pale Malt, Crystal 30, Crystal 75, Wheat Malt & Dextrose
HOPS: Michigan Cascade, Michigan Chinook, Centennial & Citra