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7.4% ABV | 74 IBU

From the fresh coast state comes a west coast inspired IPA. Waves of hop aroma and flavor make this IPA one for hopheads and IPA purists alike. The unique profile of Chinook, Cascade, Falconers Flight, Summit and Mosaic hops create a tantalizing mix of citrus, tropical, and pine flavors. With a subtle malt profile and high hop character, this IPA is sure to wreak havoc on your palate.

Ever-present and eternally wicked, Havoc lurks mischievously in the shadows of the streets of Detroit where he is notorious for his bad habit of cursing passing people. Havoc roams Detroit and steals Cadillac car keys to spite the founder of Detroit – Sieur de Cadillac. He can be identified in a crowd of unknowing victims by his devilish grin and by the tiny red hat that always looks as if it’ll fall off his cheeky little head.