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7.2% ABV | 71 IBU

Stormy, Michigan’s first hazy IPA is back and fiercer than ever. Dry hopped with over five pounds of Citra, MI Centennial, and Crystal hops, per barrel of beer, leaving this beer dankly delicious. A beautiful haze quickly gives way to a flood of sweet citrus and floral aromas. Take shelter, because this hazy oat IPA brings a whirlwind of flavors from juicy and sweet citrus fruits, to stone fruits, that meld perfectly with the moderate bitterness through the finish.

In the deepest of depths of Lake Superior lives the most powerful being in the underwater world. The murky, dark, churning waters of its surroundings inspired our hazy IPA. This mysterious creature has the body of a wild feline, forms of a deer, a scaled back and a tail so long it wraps around its body ending with a fishtail. With a warning hiss like the sound of rushing water, the underwater panther lives as a protector of the vast amounts of copper in the Great Lakes. It’s been said that anyone who tries to steal copper from the lakes have grave misfortune befall them. Strangely, the metal has been found on numerous Great Lakes shipwrecks. Perhaps a mere coincidence, but it might behoove you to carry nothing of copper aboard your ship when crossing the Great Lakes.

GRAINS: Pilsner Malt, Oat Malt, Vienna Malt & Dextrose
HOPS: Amarillo, Pacific North West Cascade, Michigan Cascade, Michigan Centennial, Michigan Chinook, Crystal & Citra